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Freelance Writer, Editor & Photographer

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Cascades Wedding Guide

Annette was responsible for writing content and curating photography for the Cascades Wedding Guide which was distributed at the Cascades Wedding Show.

Blog Post Title

What goes into a blog post? Helpful, industry-specific content that: 1) gives readers a useful takeaway, and 2) shows you’re an industry expert.

Use your company’s blog posts to opine on current industry topics, humanize your company, and show how your products and services can help people.


Annette’s work has appeared on a variety of online publications and business websites including Red Tricycle, Domino, LivingSocial, and Zillow. She is also a regular contributor to publications that appear both in print and online including The Source Weekly and Bend Nest.


Annette is a contributing writer at Zillow. You can review the full list of her articles on their website.

Geofilters: Virtual Word-of-Mouth Marketing

By Annette Benedetti on 8/9/2016

snapchat-1-1d24ba-2bdb25-300x199Snapchat’s growing user base has been enjoying a new graphic application that allows people to reveal, and even brag about, their location in a unique way — and it’s grabbing the attention of marketers in the multifamily housing industry. Geofilters are location-based artistic overlays, or frames, that users apply to their “snaps” (images and videos) before sending them. They can include illustrations and words, and they’re a particularly useful branding tool for businesses that want to increase their exposure among millennials, who account for about two-thirds of Snapchat users. [Read more…]


High-Amenity Living: 5 Multifamily Trends for a Competitive Edge

By Annette Benedetti on 4/27/2016

Remote home control system on a digital tablet or phone.

There was a time when pools, fitness facilities and Internet access were used as selling points to attract new residents. Now, they are considered standard multifamily housing must-haves. Simply put: The modern-day renter expects more from their apartment-living experience.

The millennial and baby boomer cohorts are dominating the rental market with their desire for low-maintenance, high-amenity living. While they are content with smaller spaces, they look to offset square footage with features that add comfort and convenience — and they are willing to shop around.

From tech trends to earth-friendly options, property owners are stepping up to the challenge and offering leading-edge amenities that renters find hard to resist. Here are five hot new trends that are giving some communities a competitive edge. [Read more…]

Resident Retention: 7 Tips to Keep Renters Happy All Year Long

Retaining residents is like getting and keeping the whole family together at the holiday dinner table until that last bite of dessert has been devoured: It requires nurturing relationships throughout the year and creating an accommodating space so that even your most demanding guest looks forward to coming back year after year.

Much like that special annual gathering, what happens between the initial signing of the lease and the delivery of renewal papers plays a strong role in determining whether a resident chooses to stay.

The following are seven things you can do throughout the year to keep residents happy and eager to renew. [Read more…]

10 Ways to Upgrade Your Outdoor Spaces for Summer

The summer months were meant for long vacations and outdoor gatherings, from parties on the patio to grilling on the deck and croquet on the lawn. Give your residents a surprise staycation with one (or all!) of these upgrades to your outdoor spaces. They will be thrilled to host their own summer soirée, and you never know, one of their guests just might decide that your community is the perfect place to live.  [Read more…]

20 Hot Marketing Ideas for Summertime Success

When it comes to capitalizing on your marketing efforts, the summer months are sizzling! With the majority of moves happening between May and September, this season is ripe with opportunity, so why not try something new?

Fire up the grill and get ready, because we have 20 hot marketing ideas that will help you grab the attention of potential renters and avoid vacancies when the cold weather returns. [Read more…]


About Me

me-pinkAnnette is a freelance writer, editor, and photographer who has extensive experience in the fields of journalism and marketing. She covers a range of topics from parenting and travel to arts and culture and health and fitness—and a little of everything in between.

As city editor for Red Tricycle, Annette manages the editorial calendar, a team of writers, and writes weekly stories and newsletter content. She is a contributing writer at Zillow, The Source Weekly, and Bend Nest and her work has appeared in Domino and LivingSocial. Prior to her freelance life, Annette worked as editor in chief at an Oregon-based parenting publication and then as a copywriter for an in-house creative agency.

Annette photographs her travels and experiences as a mother and yoga practitioner. Her photography often appears with her published articles and she provides clients with event, business, and travel photos.

Three Bears Lodge

I managed the website theme layout and content development. I was responsible for SEO, blog writing, html and meta tags, social media, and all marketing collateral.

You can see the full site here.

Stratus Smiles for Life Campaign

Along with a team of designers, Annette developed the Smiles for Life campaign toolbox for over 100 Stratus members to use as part of their marketing strategy. Her role included the conceptualization, copywriting and creative direction.


Portland Copywriter, Content Marketing, Portland Creative Director, Annette Benedett

Portland Copywriter, Content Marketing, Portland Creative Director, Annette Benedett

Portland Copywriter, Content Marketing, Portland Creative Director, Annette Benedett

Portland Copywriter, Content Marketing, Portland Creative Director, Annette Benedett

Stratus Worry Free Campaign

Along with a team of designers, Annette developed the Worry Free campaign toolbox for over 100 Stratus members to use as part of their marketing strategy. Her role included copywriting, the conceptualization, and creative direction.


Portland Copywriter, Marketer, Content Marketing, Creative Director, Annette Benedetti

Portland Copywriter, Portland Content Marketing, Portland Creative Director, Annette Benedetti

Portland Copywriter, Portland Creative Director, Content Marketing, Annette Benedetti




I wrote copy for a variety of LivingSocial’s daily deals. Maintaining their fresh and often pun-filled voice was top priority, as was preserving a buy-local feel.

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True North Parenting Magazine Mother & Father’s Day Gift Guide

I researched, compiled, and reviewed a variety of products for a Father’s and  Mother’s Day gift guide and was responsible for the photography and art direction. Read the full article here: