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Geofilters: Virtual Word-of-Mouth Marketing

By Annette Benedetti on 8/9/2016

snapchat-1-1d24ba-2bdb25-300x199Snapchat’s growing user base has been enjoying a new graphic application that allows people to reveal, and even brag about, their location in a unique way — and it’s grabbing the attention of marketers in the multifamily housing industry. Geofilters are location-based artistic overlays, or frames, that users apply to their “snaps” (images and videos) before sending them. They can include illustrations and words, and they’re a particularly useful branding tool for businesses that want to increase their exposure among millennials, who account for about two-thirds of Snapchat users. [Read more…]

High-Amenity Living: 5 Multifamily Trends for a Competitive Edge

By Annette Benedetti on 4/27/2016

Remote home control system on a digital tablet or phone.

There was a time when pools, fitness facilities and Internet access were used as selling points to attract new residents. Now, they are considered standard multifamily housing must-haves. Simply put: The modern-day renter expects more from their apartment-living experience.

The millennial and baby boomer cohorts are dominating the rental market with their desire for low-maintenance, high-amenity living. While they are content with smaller spaces, they look to offset square footage with features that add comfort and convenience — and they are willing to shop around.

From tech trends to earth-friendly options, property owners are stepping up to the challenge and offering leading-edge amenities that renters find hard to resist. Here are five hot new trends that are giving some communities a competitive edge. [Read more…]